Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Why, yes, my feet do like to read...

Last week I got a couple of new body bars for the gym because I needed ones that were heavier than the 15-pound one I already had and lighter than my 45-pound Olympic bars.  That would be a first-world trainer problem, for those keeping score.  Because I am inherently silly, I carried them out to the gym across my back as if I were going to do squats with them, very funny looking squats that needed to move sideways to get through the kitchen and its obstacles.

As I walked across the back yard, I noticed the difference in my feet.  On one trip, I had an extra 24 pounds pressing down on them and, on the second, thirty.  (Yes, I attempted to be sensible and didn’t do both bars at once.  Also, the 30-pound one is longer than the 24-pounder and that would have been extra awkward.)  What a relief to take the extra weight off!

How much better will my feet feel when I lose a few pounds?  How about my spine?  I am newly motivated to take off that extra body bar I’ve installed on myself.  Anybody else?

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