Monday, February 15, 2016

Rah: And this photo is of disorganized team sports in 2002

I admit I found organized team sports kind of mysterious.  I am not a naturally gifted athlete.  Also, I always seemed to miss the moments when the in-jokes were born.  Then there was the terror of letting down the team at a crucial moment.  (Another terror I had was very specific:  the girl one of the middle school teams who played opposite me in basketball was four times my size and left tire tracks on my whole body.)

However, fitness is still a team sport for me.  On my team I have people who train me, teach me, give me classes, answer my questions, adjust my joints, work out my tensions, rehabilitate my injuries, and just work out with me.  We need leaders, colleagues, experts, and friends to help us grow.

We are all lucky because we can all be part of other people’s teams.  We can encourage each other, suggest new motivating music (however you want to interpret that… I prefer silly stuff that makes me laugh!), or bring the ice and Advil.

Go team!

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