Friday, February 12, 2016

Friday Exercise: Unicorn Kicks/Hamstring Curls

The amazing Stickie understands that we often neglect the back sides of our bodies.  Because she wants the back of her legs to be as strong and shapely as the fronts, she does hamstring curls (sometimes known around here as Unicorn Kicks, thanks to Gennie…).  This exercise does not feel good; Stickie understands that no matter how much she practices, this will never be the most fun exercise ever.  However, she loves keeping her knees safe, so she does it anyway.  Also, the big ball helps her pretend it is fun, even when it isn’t.

She begins lying on her back with her heels on the stability ball.  With her arms pressing into the ground, she bridges up so that she is a straight line between her shoulders and her knees.  Staying stable in this position requires plenty of abdominal and glute work.  If Stickie wants additional challenge, she lifts her arms off the floor and holds them over her shoulders.  Then, on an exhale, she extends her knees, rolling the ball away from her until she is a straight line from shoulders to feet.  When she inhales, she draws her heels back toward her behind.  Two sets of ten repetitions is usually plenty.

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