Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Fun, fun, fun

Sometimes all we need to make exercise fun is a new toy or game.  For those of us who enjoy the thrill of victory or who seek to avoid the agony of defeat, any kind of contest can do the trick:  who can do more pushups with proper form?  Who can get to the corner fastest?  Betcha I can ride my bike farther than last week…

For some of us, it’s all about something out of the ordinary.  Tired of looking at the dumbbells?  Say hi to the TRX!  All zumba-ed out?  Spin class!  Snoring too much during savasana?  Try Pilates instead.

Sometimes it helps to go outside if we always work out inside, or vice versa.  Sometimes we need to jump on the box instead of thinking outside it.  Maybe all we really need is a new soundtrack.

And, bonus points:  our bodies like novelty!  We learn more from doing what is unfamiliar, even if we are bad at it.

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