Friday, January 29, 2016

Friday exercise: bench dips

The amazing Stickie greatly admires Mrs. Obama and Madonna because they have beautiful triceps.  Stickie wants her own beautiful triceps, so she is doing bench dips today.

To get into position, Stickie sits on the bench with her hands gripping the bench on either side of her body.  She extends her legs out in front of her with her heels on the ground.  Then, keeping her elbows back behind her as much as possible, she scoots her behind forward off the bench and lowers it toward the floor by bending her arms.  She exhales to push herself back up to a straight-armed position.  After about ten repetitions, she allows herself to take a seat on the bench again to rest before the next set.

On days when Stickie needs less of a challenge, she bends her knees, but does not cheat and use her strong legs to lift her body back up.  Stickie knows that she can also do this exercise on other surfaces, like the kitchen counter, that are higher and provide less of a challenge, or on a stability ball or parallel bars at the playground with her body suspended for more of one.

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