Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Win fabulous prizes!

If we want to exercise regularly, we need to make it fun.  Otherwise, excuses are too easy to come by.  We all have limited time and energy and money.  We can all cite lots of things we probably should be doing right this very minute.  And we probably will choose the most fun one to do first (unless we are practicing rigorous time-management techniques that sometimes include getting the worst things done and out of the way before the fun stuff).

Making it fun takes many forms.  I love biking; no trouble to get me to go do that!  In fact, I love it that biking is good for me because otherwise I might view it as an indulgence for rare occasions.  If I need to do burpees, I had better find some other tactics to get some fun in there.  Like maybe burpees for margaritas.  Just kidding.  Sort of.  A better choice might be racing myself to get them done faster, or turning up the volume, or finding someone to do them with me so we can complain and suffer together.  Rewards also work, if we can manage to pick ones that don’t defeat the purpose (like those margaritas…).

Go play!

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