Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Look at the weights

Some days go better than others.  We go to bed full of excellent plans for the morning and we wake up feeling like Wile E. Coyote under the piano, cliff chunk, safe, and obligatory pink umbrella.  We may not have cartoon-like ability to reinflate our bodies after that kind of flattening, but we can pick ourselves up and make the best of it.  Occasionally, very occasionally, that means going back to bed until we feel better.  The rest of the time, we just have to start small.

A wise woman I spoke with once told me about her favorite advice from a trainer, ever.  He told her, on those less-cheerful days, just to go look at the weights in the gym.  Go look at them.  Then go home.

There’s a trick in there.  Once we make it to the gym and look at the weights, we are up, dressed, moving.  Lifting them doesn’t seem so bad anymore.  We find ourselves starting the workout and feeling maybe a little better.  Maybe not, but at least we are doing something.

Go look at the weights.

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