Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Now if I can only remember where I left them...

I have progressive lenses in my glasses, which means, for those blessed with better vision than I, that my glasses are like bifocals but without the obvious line between the distance and the close vision sections.  They work great.  I do not notice the shift from one focus to the other.

No, this is not just gratuitous sharing of more information than anyone wants to know about my eyeballs.  It’s a metaphor, of course.  My glasses allow me to focus on what is immediately in front of me and on what is off in the distance, much like we all need to do when we consider fitness (See!  I made the connection!).

We need to know that we have that marathon or bikini or weight lifting triumph or reunion wowing coming, but we also need to focus in on what we have to do today to get there.  Maybe that means patiently doing our physical therapy exercises, or pushing for the extra ten minutes of swimming, or passing up the pie.  The now and the later give meaning to each other.

Pick your focus today!

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