Monday, June 22, 2015

Mirror, mirror...

I have some mirrors in my studio, but not all over the place.  In some positions, it is not possible to catch a glimpse of a reflection.  What that means is that when we exercise in those spots, we have to rely on other senses for feedback.

I will ask clients where they feel a particular movement.  Or I will ask them to imagine, say, that their legs are set in concrete to locate movement in the upper body.

We all rely on our eyes, but sometimes that reliance doesn’t serve us.  For example, when trying to balance on an unstable surface, we do better when we look out in front of us rather than down at our feet.  The movements we make to see what our knees or wrists or toes are doing can distort our entire body position; we need to feel where we are in space.

Besides, when we feel where we are, we don’t get distracted by our brilliant new workout clothes in the mirror.

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