Friday, June 19, 2015

I'll be over here, eating my seeds and liking it...

One of the things I like about doing massive physical activity is the eating.  If I ride more than 65 miles in a day, I darn well deserve a candy bar.  And skiing?  Hand over the cheeseburger at lunchtime and no one gets hurt.  But.

As I’ve become more fit, as I’ve weeded out the less healthful parts of my diet, my taste has changed.  My body objects to the cheeseburger.  That candy bar, in all its deliciousness, is no longer worth the grumpy feeling the sugar leaves behind the next day.  (Not that I am perfect in any way; give me a bad enough day and I’ll dive into a pint of ice cream tongue first.)

At first, I found this whole shift kind of annoying.  Having done enough work that extra calories would be good, suddenly I was all about the lean protein and the vegetables.  Ultimately, however, I have to feel glad that my body responds positively to me giving it the right things.

So I am going to keep listening to my body.  How about you?

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