Wednesday, May 27, 2015

The goddess of victory says...

The culture has picked up simplicity as a buzzword.  There is a whole magazine about how buying a bunch of things will make things simpler.  Much is made of three-ingredient recipes, one-stop shopping, and seven easy steps to whatever.

That’s not what it is.  Or at least not necessarily.  We have some confusion between simplicity and optimization, between the look and the thing.  We do not need separate specialized gadgets for, say, poaching eggs, making quesadillas, and cooking bacon:  I do all those things with a pan.

In working out, we all have favorite toys:  bikes, weights, goggles, classes.  You can’t open a magazine without seeing some version of the perfect workout that uses just resistance bands, or tin cans, or park benches, or space aliens (actually, I would read the space alien one…).  Do whatever works.  Do what you like, what pushes you, and what your body responds to.  It doesn’t have to be complicated.  Just move.

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