Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Petals are kind of like pedals...

Over the weekend, shockingly, I went on a bike ride.  It was tougher than I expected in some ways.  Afterward, I talked it over with my Bike Guru because I suspected it had to do with food.

Side note:  It is really really really useful and fun to have smart friends to think things through with.  Pooling experience, swapping stories, and discussing strategies for survival make everything better.

We agreed that the particular ride was challenging because of food, water, and logistics.  The specifics don’t matter (although if you are interested, I will happily bore you with deep details…).  I spend plenty of time discussing choosing well with food, both in quantity and quality.  Usually it is a question of eating less of the former and choosing better examples of the latter.  However, when we do endurance things, hard stuff, we have to eat more.

Otherwise, we can end up performing less well, hurting more, and feeling much more stupid.  Lack of fuel promotes bad decision-making and crabbiness.  It also makes it hard to appreciate the passing scenery, which, on my ride, included emus.

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