Monday, May 11, 2015

Me worry?

Monday morning seems like a great time to talk about stress.  The weekend is over and we are back to work, laundry, traffic, and vegetables.  The alarm goes off; we are alarmed.  Sometimes in the midst of that alarm, we find it difficult to remember that we have choices.

Advanced yogis and holy people and dogs (these groups may overlap) may insist that really we can choose whether or not to be stressed.  Speaking for myself, I’m not that cool yet.  The choices I am talking about pertain to what we do about our stress.

We can swear, drink, eat ice cream, jump up and down, run around the block, turn up the music, invent creative insults for our stress people, procrastinate, meditate, take a bath, rearrange the furniture.  Some of those options are better than others.  Let’s pick the best ones, the ones that make us calmer, nicer, stronger, and more resilient.  Our bodies and minds will appreciate us for it.

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