Friday, May 22, 2015

Happy weekend!

Welcome to Memorial Day weekend.  We are all ready, right?  We’ve planned to remember the dead, get supplies for the party, and prepare the perfect outfit.  Maybe we have packed the bags, loaded the car, boarded the kids, buckled in the dogs (wait… that doesn’t sound right… are we too stressed?).  Just one more thing:  plan to move your body.

Really?  Really?

Yes.  Somewhere in between the events and the s’mores and the singing of 99 Bottles of Beer, we need to move.  Even if we just offer to walk to the store to get more guacamole.  Even if we just take the fractious toddlers to the playground for a while and maybe sneak in a little swinging or sliding ourselves.  It will keep you from feeling like a ton of bricks on Tuesday morning.

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