Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Continue straight past the lizard...

Test is a loaded word.  Whether it evokes number 2 pencil post traumatic stress or that nightmare about the final in the room we can’t find on the subject we forgot we signed up to take, the very word can set off a stress response.

People, we are not in school anymore.  When we test ourselves, or submit to tests for ourselves, the point is not to gauge our success/worth/general reason for existence or even grade.  We test to get information.

I think about the assessments I do with clients as more like checking the GPS.  Where are we now?  The little blue dot on the map is not a moral judgment.  We can look at the results of the step assessment, for example, as the gas station where we turn to get to the corner of Main and Elm, a place we need to pass through on the way to our destination.  From there, we can see what we need to do next to arrive at the party.

No panicking, okay?

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