Wednesday, April 29, 2015


My dissolute life has come back to haunt me.  Yes, I have to confess:  I used to do all kinds of office work, from straight data entry to payroll to all the other computer-worshipping and keyboard-intensive tasks.  Next time, I’m choosing a more fun version of a dissolute life.  The point is, the repetitive stress, which never bothered me on the job, is now biting me in the hands, wrists, and forearms, interfering with my fun on my bike and, incidentally, with my “activities of daily living,” as physical therapists say.  I’m not looking for sympathy.  I’m not having a personal pity party.  I just have some quality time scheduled with the chiropractor, the ice packs, and more weight training.

I, much like the Duchess in Alice in Wonderland, am much interested in the moral of the story.  Which, in this case, is:  choose your vices carefully.  The sub-moral is:  learn about harm reduction.

Sure, office work is not really a vice.  It is a convenient way of turning time into food, shelter, clothing, and books.  We all have things we need to do that are perhaps not ideal for our bodies.  That means that we also need to invest in our fitness, nutrition, sleep, and professional help to keep us suffering as little as possible.

Less pain is more fun.  Go play.

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