Monday, April 27, 2015

Spark plugs: also useful

Enthusiasm is like high octane gas for our cars.  With that kind of fuel, we feel like we can go any distance.

Sometimes we are wrong about that.  Our bodies, like cars, need more than fuel to run.  You know, like carburetors and dual overhead cams (whatever those are—I learned the words watching football and the attendant car commercials) and tires.

When we run on enthusiasm alone, we tend to overdo things.  If, for example, that amazing, difficult workout leaves us flattened for a week, we may have been overdosing on enthusiasm at the expense of our infrastructure.  We need to do our maintenance, including rest, filter change, and lubrication.  Sometimes we need new treads.  Let’s give ourselves every opportunity to use our enthusiasm by making sure we take care of our parts and service.

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