Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Does this bias make me look fat?

I don’t like to drink my breakfast.  No, not because whiskey is not an acceptable breakfast.  I just like chewing better.  I am sure that I could happily and healthily live the rest of my life without drinking a smoothie, but I find it instructive to challenge my biases as often as possible.

Looking at the blender this morning, however, I almost bailed out.  It is cold and dark when I get up.  A nice cold drink was really not what I had in mind.  A nice cold drink full of seeds and nuts and fruits?  Crazy talk.  But I did it.

Guess what?  I lived to tell the tale.  I even feel good.  I’ll do it again tomorrow.

Your biases might be different than mine are.  You may feel that salads are not meals, or that vegetables should never be orange, or that whoever decided that peanut butter is not a food group unto itself was wrong, wrong, wrong.  Trying to stretch past that bias may not change anything (I keep trying to like olives and have not yet succeeded…), but then again, it might.

Eventually, we may find that we are happy without some previously treasured foods and with some new and different ones.  What have we got to lose?

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