Thursday, April 30, 2015

Dipping birds, drumming monkeys, and more

Sometimes my clients are surprised when I describe the things we use during our session as toys.  If a cardboard box can be a toy, so can a barbell.  It is easier to imagine the toy potential of a bosu—bouncing is fun!—or a giant exercise ball.  I speak that way about my equipment on purpose.

When we think about fitness as play, as fun, it is easier to stay motivated.  No kid getting out of bed in the morning says, “Drat!  I have to play today!”  (Not just because kids don’t normally say, “Drat!”)  That kid jumps up and grabs the Legos or the stuffed rabbit or the tiara or the football or all of the above and gets into it.  Sometimes play has hard parts, like getting that block tower to stay balanced, but it is still fun.  My block towers are things like single leg squats or tree poses, but the principle is the same.

There is no wrong way to play.  All of the toys are good toys and all of them build our minds and bodies one way or another.  Of course roller skating is more fun when there are fewer band-aids involved; that is why we practice our form, why we want to get better.

Also, laughter builds strong abs.  So come over and play!

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