Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Dance dance dance...

(OK... I had technical difficulties.  This is the video I wanted to put here:  https://youtu.be/CdvITn5cAVc)

Last week, I went to see an amazing dance production put on by the Destiny Arts Center and the Laney College Theater Arts Department.  Sitting in a theater doesn’t count as exercise, but it did give me exercise thoughts, two in particular.

First, every kind of body can exercise.  There were big dancers and little dancers.  Men, women, boys, girls, and all genders in between and outside danced wonderfully.  The careful little box of What Dancers Look Like blew up into a thousand pieces of gorgeous confetti.  No excuses.  We can all dance—or swim, or play soccer, or whatever gives us joy.

Which is the second thought.  The joy of the dancers seeped into everyone in the audience.  While we are working on some particularly sticky bit of training, we might forget that we are also exercising our joy muscles, but we are.  We are enabling our hip-hop selves to leap higher, our track star selves to feel the wind in our hair rushing ever faster, our yoga selves to fold more beautifully.

Go play.

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