Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Wheels Go Around

Most of the time, I am in favor of baby steps, the small, incremental gains that come from regular practice and achieving little victories.  Sometimes, however, going for the giant step makes the journey more interesting and fun.  Admittedly, the big steps scare the pants off me, but in a good way (no, not because I end up without pants afterwards—that would be bad).

The weekend after next I will be riding my first century.  One hundred seven miles in one day.  I’m not sure I can do it.  My previous best distance in one day is 80 miles, after which I promised to kill the friend who told me I could do it.  She said I’d have to catch her first, which means she is still alive and well.

I’m training.  I have a purpose with my spin classes and rides.  It turns out that when I give myself the challenge to go farther and faster, I find out that all that incremental stuff has paid off.  I can do it.

We can all use the knowledge that our work is, well, working.  Let’s rise to our challenges!  After all, if I go 81 miles, I have still gone farther than ever before.

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