Tuesday, March 3, 2015

It's growing season!

I did two spin classes in a row yesterday.  I’m not bragging:  I know lots of people who can kick my behind, literally and figuratively.  It was twice as many spin classes in one day than I’d ever done before, however, so I feel happy.  I moved up a notch.

Those notches are important.  We measure our growth with notches, just like we measure our kids with marks up the wall.  And, just like with kids, if the measurement doesn’t move, something is not right.

Challenge is where growth happens.  We can keep lifting the exact same weights, doing the exact same cardio, stretching the same old way, or we can mix it up and see what happens.  We might be pleasantly surprised to find ourselves capable of more than we expect.  Or unpleasantly surprised to discover that maybe we need to work on some other skills.  Either way, growth.

What new thing can we try today?

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