Monday, March 30, 2015

Duck's Weekend

Duck needed a cold beverage on the way to So. Cal.

And then, of course, Duck needed a pit stop.

He had to stop at the bank for party funds.

Aaah... at last!  The pool!

But wait!  Duck's partner in crime needed a suit!

Duck!  You know what happens when you drink!  You start checking out the girls!

...And then you head out to find a place to party!

Duck likes Frank Sinatra!

In the morning, Duck woke up feeling like Godzilla.  So he headed to the golf course to devour some golfers!

By afternoon, he felt like relaxing some more by the pool.

After the drive home, Duck visited the car wash.

 All tucked in for a good night's sleep!  Great weekend, Duck!


  1. I recognize these pictures. Duck had a great time!

  2. My vacation to ducks!