Wednesday, February 11, 2015

I Like Lemon Zest

I have a big Pilates exam coming up on Friday and Saturday, so of course I’ve been studying like the paranoid crazy person I am.  Hint: cramming works all right for the brain, but not so well for the body; there will be a good long recovery period after I have successfully demonstrated all my exercises.  Don’t try this at home.

As a result of all the studying, my buddy Joe Pilates has moved into my head to remind me of the point of it all.  The goal of Pilates exercises, and really of all exercise, is to be able to do our normal activities with “spontaneous vigor and zest.”

That phrase is a useful test in itself.  If what we are doing for fitness does not promote spontaneous vigor and zest, maybe we need to try something else.  Trade in the treadmill for a paddleboard, the elliptical for some rock climbing, the karate classes for ballroom dancing, whatever it takes to find the workout that promotes wellbeing.

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