Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Dancin' in the...

I did some housework yesterday.  No, the world is not ending, although if it is going to, I will at least know that I died without dried dog vomit on the floor.  Housework, around here, includes loud music, which, in turn, includes dancing along.  I can, in fact, dance and dust at the same time.

T. was home sick from school, so there was a witness.  He threatened to make a video of me and post it on the internet.  Which means he is really impressed with my moves, right?  I told him to go ahead; I am good with going viral as a crazy old lady dancing.  I told him he’d be jealous when I got famous.  He snorted and said, “Infamous.”  And we both laughed.

The point is that many forms of exercise are inherently silly.  This morning I went to spin class.  Which is to say I sat in a room with a bunch of other people pedaling a pretend bike that didn’t go anywhere until we were all tired and sweaty.  There are yoga poses with names that can make me giggle and moves that make me tip over.  Think about some of the positions we get into when we swim.  Try and tell me it’s not funny.

Laughing is good for the soul.  It’s also good for the abs.  Try some kind of fitness today that makes you laugh until your stomach hurts.  Or, you know, come help me clean the rest of the house.

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