Friday, January 23, 2015

Friday Exercise: Dead Lift

Today the beautiful Sticky is demonstrating the dead lift.  This is an excellent exercise for the back of the body.  I have drawn her using a barbell, but dumbbells also work.

With the barbell on the floor, bend over and grip the bar.  If you are using a particularly heavy weight, you can make the grip easier by turning one hand over.  Keeping your spine neutral and your knees straight (but not locked!), hinge upward until you are standing erect.  The barbell does nothing:  it is the “dead” part of the dead lift, just hanging there at the end of your arms.

Speaking of arms, ideally you do not let the weight of the barbell pull your shoulders toward the floor (that pesky “keep your humeral heads centered” again!).  You will want to keep your abs engaged throughout the movement to protect your lower back.  Also, only lower as far as you can maintain the neutral spine.  Lower back problems are NO FUN AT ALL and so are NOT ALLOWED.  You will also perhaps notice that your hamstrings are tight when you do this.  This is a good reminder to go stretch after you are done.

Go play!

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