Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Skiing like a moose is fun

Sometimes we need to remember what the goal is.

With fitness, it is easy to get distracted into thinking that the goal is something other than what it really is.  The goal is not to be thin.  It’s not to work out for a certain number of minutes a day or week.  It’s not to be lean or toned or strong or even plain healthy, even though those are all good things.

The goal is to be happy.

Yes, I know that being healthy is a major component of being happy.  Lifting that previously-impossible weight, finishing that marathon, buying those smaller clothes—all good things that can contribute to happiness.  They are not the goal.

So please, when you choose your fitness activity for the day, pick one that will give you joy, either in the moment or in the long term.  Lift weights because you want those muscles to turn your kids upside down as long as possible, even when they keep growing.  Ski because you like to go fast.  Dance because the music moves you.  That is a goal worth meeting.

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