Thursday, December 11, 2014

Friends in shiny places

Meet our new friend:  the mirror.  The mirror is a particularly good friend when we take off the fun-house eyes we often use when we look at it.  I think women are particularly prone to this problem, but plenty of men have body image issues as well.  We see our reflections and our fun-house eyes see the most enormous thighs ever, the rest of our beauty eclipsed by our faulty perception.  Or maybe we see that we are not as tall as we would like to be, or as strong, or as lithe.

Toss out the funny eyeballs with me.  We all have amazing bodies.  Our bodies breathe, circulate our blood, hold us up, nourish our amazing brains, protect us from disease, and more, without even needing us to pay attention.  When we treat them well, they give us a sense of wellbeing.  They expand their capabilities so we can play harder and longer, love our family and friends for more years, create our own particular life’s work.

From a fitness perspective, the mirror is an ally.  While we are moving, the mirror gives us another way to check in with our body position to make sure that everything is in alignment.  Over time, the mirror gives us feedback on our progress.  It also gives us practice at loving ourselves, right now, just the way we are.

So next time you look in the mirror, you can certainly fix your hair or check your knee alignment, but don’t forget to smile at the mirror.  It has your back.

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