Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Also, there is the recycling carry...

A few holiday exercises:

Laugh:  If you laugh until your abs hurt, you are doing it correctly.  Repeat as many times as possible.  For some of us, this will also be a pelvic floor exercise.  Crossing your legs is an acceptable variation.

Smile:  The studies I have just made up prove that this exercise reduces unpleasant wrinkles by encouraging the release of endorphins and training the wrinkles into happy grandparent patterns.  Under certain circumstances, it can also build your character muscles, but only if you avoid the clenched teeth version.

Water curls:  Place a glass of water in your hand.  Lift to your mouth and drink.  Repeat until glass is empty.  Do the next set with your other hand.  This exercise is not recommended for other liquids.

(After today, I will be on blog recess until the new year, some of the time on skis!  Enjoy as many holidays as possible!)

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