Friday, November 7, 2014

Drop and give me a few

I love pushups.  Interestingly, when you do an image search for pushups, you get a lot of bras, but that’s not what I’m talking about.  I decided to draw my own pushup.  Now you know why I am not an artist.

Back to the point:  pushups are great.  I love exercises that do multiple things at once because I am lazy and want to be done quickly.  Pushups work the upper body and the abdominals at the same time!

Even better, they don’t require any equipment, so none of us has any excuse for not doing them.

How to do them?  The basic version is this:  lie on your belly on the floor.  Sadly, there is more after that.  Bend your arms and put your hands on the floor under your shoulders.  Flex your feet so that the balls of your feet are on the floor.  Hold your body straight from top of your head to ankles.  This is the part where your abs get involved.  Push up from the floor until your arms are straight.  Lower.  Raise.  Repeat until you have had enough.  Don’t forget to breathe; it is easier if you breathe out as you press away from the floor.  Also, you don’t pass out.

I love pushups so much that I will be writing more about variations in the future.  For now, consider the basics.

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